5 Ways to Prevent Seasickness Ruining Your Fishing Charter Holiday

Seasickness affects all kinds of people, and it can really mess up a long-awaited fishing trip. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prevent the condition from turning your charter trip into a nightmare. Here are just five.

1. Choose Your Charter Wisely

If you haven't yet chosen where you'll be going charter fishing, make sure you take the likely conditions into account. Some areas are naturally going to be choppier than others, which isn't great news if you're worried about seasickness. The time of year can also change the likelihood of encountering small squalls, so take this into account. If a number of charter boats are available, go for the largest one. A larger platform won't sway as much out at sea.

2. Take Medication

Before you head to the boat, try picking up an over-the-counter seasickness drug, such as Bonine or Dramamine. These reduce the activity of the area of the brain that controls nausea and are highly effective for most individuals. Start taking the medication the night before your trip to ensure that it is in the bloodstream by the time you set off.

3. Wear a Patch

As well as taking oral medication, you can try wearing a patch. Scopolamine is a great drug that can reduce the activity of nerve fibres in your inner ear and is one of the best solutions on the market. Instead of swallowing it, you wear it on a medicated patch just behind your ear.

4. Stay on Deck

If you do start to experience seasickness, the first thing you'll likely want to do is head below deck. Unfortunately, this usually just makes the situation worse. Instead, stay up top and look out at the horizon. This will ensure that your eyes are registering the same speed as your ears. Avoid focusing on anything close by, and make sure you face the direction the boat is travelling.

5. Vomit

You should never induce vomiting, but, if you feel like it's inevitable, don't try to keep it down. Getting rid of what's in your stomach will often go a long way towards making you feel better, and feeling good should be what fishing charter is all about. It's generally best to just vomit over the side instead of risking a mess in the cabin.

Following this advice should see you enjoying your charter trip instead of waiting for it to end, so make sure you take the appropriate action. If you know you might be prone to getting sick, you may also want to talk to local fishing charters about other steps you can take to address the problem.