Top 8 Important Caravan Accessories

Are you considering purchasing a caravan? Are you ready to travel in style and tour the world? There are several things to consider when purchasing a caravan; read on for practical and helpful tips about caravan accessories you'll need.

The Perfect Steps

It is important to make sure that your caravan is easy to step into. If you have a handicap, make sure that the caravan is accessible for you. It is important to invest in sturdy steps. Nobody wants a broken ankle during their vacation.

The Waste Container and the Water Container

The less weight you have to carry on the road, the better off you will be. Never use the same can for your water and waste. It is unsanitary and a bad idea. Always have a container for your waste water and a container for your clean water.  

Plates, Cups, Bowls and Cutlery

Leave the family china at home! Purchasing plastic plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery is always a great idea. If you want to cut down on utensils, consider purchasing a box of sporks. Again, the less you have to haul with you, the better off you will be. 

First Aid

Accidents happen when you least expect it. If you will be camping in a remote area, it is especially important to have a first aid kit that isn't basic. It is important to ensure that the entire family knows where the first aid kit is at all times. 

Fire Extinguisher

Most people build fires when they are camping or cook on a charcoal grill. If you are going to be around a fire of any size, having a dry powder extinguisher on hand is critical. 


A full awning is a great way to enjoy some extra, shaded space. Awnings are fairly light, which prevents the caravan owner from having to worry about extra awning weight. Most awnings are twice the size of the living area inside of the caravan. 


Purchasing a trustworthy cooler is always important. A good investment would be purchasing a battery powered cooler because you never have to worry about buying bags of ice. 

Sleeping Bags or Blankets?

It is hard to decide if you want to take your favorite blanket or an efficient sleeping bag on your trip. It is best to keep your blankets or sleeping bags inside because a wet blanket or wet sleeping bag is bad news. 

The next time you decide to take your caravan on a family trip, you will be better prepared. Packing the appropriate items allows for a more enjoyable and relaxing trip with family and friends.