Tips On Choosing The Best Pontoon Mooring System For You

To ensure the longevity, performance, and stability of your pontoon, it's important that it is moored correctly.  There are a number of different mooring systems to choose from that can be supplied by a good marine services company.  Here's an overview on what's available to help you decide what's best for you.


Anchor systems involve a heavy weight being connected to the pontoon via a rope or chain.  The weight is then dropped to the sea bed.

Anchors are most effective in deep-water, where piling can't be used.  You can also configure your anchor to take into the account the rise and fall of your pontoon with the tidal range for your mooring.

There are a number of different anchor designs available, all of which are designed for use in different sea and sea bed conditions.  Your local marine services company will be best placed to advise you on what's the most suitable type of anchor for your mooring.

Stiff arm moorings

A stiff arm mooring is basically a pole that extends from the bank to the pontoon.  The stiff arm is hinged at each end so that the pontoon can rise and fall with the water level.

Stiff arms are most suitable for pontoons that sit parallel to the shore line, and they work by holding the pontoon away from the bank.  Stiff arms usually mean that a hinged gangway to the pontoon is necessary, because of the potential water level fluctuation.


Pilings are the most effective method of pontoon mooring, but they are also the most expensive and are not suitable for every location.  The piling is driven into the ground, and the pontoon is attached to it with a metal piling guide, or hoop.

One major advantage of piling moorings is that the allow the pontoon to rise and fall with the water levels, but prevent all horizontal movement, making the pontoon very stable.  On the downside, pilings are not the most attractive of features, being largely visible at all times.  In addition, pilings can't be used in deep water or where the seabed is very uneven or rocky.

In conclusion

When considering how to moor your pontoon for maximum stability, accessibility, and practicality, there are a number of options to choose from.  For more information and expert advice, have a chat with a good marine services company in your area.  They will be able to carry out a survey and inspection of your mooring site to establish which system would be best for you.