ATVs Versus UTVs For Hunting Trips

A UTV or ATV quad is a great investment if you have a farm or own land.  These vehicles make useful workhorses, but they can also be used for leisure activities, such as hunting.  But which is best for taking on a hunting trip?  Read on for a helpful comparison.


If you enjoy going out hunting with a mate, you can easily go two-up on a large ATV with your buddy riding behind you.  This type of quad is built with a long frame and heavy shocks, which allow the machine to ride over rough terrain whilst comfortably carrying the extra weight of a passenger.

ATVs have front and rear racks with different weight bearing capacities.  It's important to bear in mind the weight of the game that you usually hunt, as this will relate directly to the haul capacity of the quad.  It's also possible to attach a small trailer to the quad if you occasionally want to transport heavier catches.  You should never attempt to carry more than the capacity of the quad, as this can make the machine unstable.

For colder areas, you can ask for heated grips to be added to the quad's steering forks.


UTVs are great if you want to carry several passengers, but can present problems when you encounter narrower trails or thick brush.

A big plus with UTVs is that their capacity is greater than that of a smaller quad, and they offer you a much bigger bed on which to carry your catches.

You can also add a roof and doors relatively easily to UTVs, meaning that your comfort is greatly increased when using the vehicle in wet or very hot, sunny weather.  This not only makes your vehicle more enjoyable to use around the farm, it also increases your pleasure when out hunting.  UTVs come with 4 x 4 capabilities too, so you won't be as likely to get stuck in the mud or on slippery inclines.

Both ATVs and UTVs require you to wear the correct safety gear to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable day out hunting with your mates.  In particular, make sure everyone riding wears a seatbelt and a helmet.

ATVs and UTVs make great assets for use around your property or farm and both can be used for a day's hunting with your friends.  If you have a large estate to manage and enjoy hunting parties with a group of mates, a UTV might be the better option for you.  However, if your property is relatively small and you like to go hunting with just one chum, a smaller ATV or quad might fit the bill perfectly.