Camper Trailer: Material Options for Annex Walls

Modern camper trailers are spacious because they are designed and built to accommodate the requirements of the average user. On the other hand, the sufficiency of the room will depend on your hauling and living needs. If you want to expand your living space for the camper trailer, you should consider creating an annex. This will not only give you more camping or living space, it will also provide more protection against the weather and insects. Here are the primary materials you should consider for the walls of your new annex.


Canvas is a favourable material for camper trailer annex walls because it is extremely durable. In general, modern canvas is made using cotton or linen, and it woven to ensure that the product is resistant to damage. There are multiple advantages attached to choosing canvas over alternatives. The fabric is strong and not prone to tearing. If the fabric does tear due to unexpected circumstances, you can mend the damage easily using a sewing kit.

You should also note that both cotton and linen are breathable fabrics, so there will be no condensation within your annex. Unfortunately, canvas is not completely waterproof. Therefore, when there is rain, the walls will become soaked and become heavy. If these are stored when moist, they are likely to support the growth of mould. You can avoid these detriments by choosing canvas annex walls that are treated or coated to improve this property.


Vinyl annex walls are good alternatives to the standard canvas. Most owners of camper trailer choose this material because the cost of purchase is considerably low. In addition, the physical properties of this plastic material make it ideal for outdoor applications. Vinyl is completely waterproof, so it is suitable for handling adverse weather conditions. The fabric is string and not prone to mechanical damage. Also, the walls are stain resistant and require no special maintenance. There are significant drawbacks of selecting vinyl. The layer has no breathability, so condensation will form in the annex. Moreover, the poor flexibility makes the walls more vulnerable to tears.


Finally, you can choose flyscreen annex walls for your camper trailer. These are primarily designed to provide protection from nuisance and disease-carrying insects for users when camping. If the weather is ideal, the annex can also be used as great living space. Flyscreens can also be attached to walls made from vinyl or other materials. They will allow you to enjoy fresh air and even improve the space breathability without getting exposed to pests. 

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