Starting out as a recreational shooter

Shooting is a great sport to get involved in as it is open to people of all ages and abilities. Guns can even by modified to allow people with physical disabilities to participate on an equal footing to able bodied participants. If you are looking to get started as a recreational shooter, here are some tips. 

Find a local club 

Finding a recreational shooting club can be a great way to connect with other shooters and have a social experience when shooting. Shooting clubs often organise outings to gun shows, shooting ranges and other cool events. It's also a great place to get advice from experienced shooters on the best ways to practise and improve your shooting. It can also be a source of support when you go through some of the adminstartive aspects such as applying for a gun license or buying a new gun. 

Experiment with different guns

While it can be tempting to head straight out and buy your dream gun, it's often a good idea to experiment with different styles of guns and consider purchasing secondhand guns when you are just starting out. This gives you a chance to find out which kind of guns that you enjoy to use and can let you look for a great deal. Often, a recreational shooting club can put you in contact with local dealers who might be able to help you find specific guns (as well as the right ammunition to make sure you can keep shooting).

Get educated

Shooting is a very technical sport, so even though you can just start shooting at a range, it is often a good idea to spend some time knowing how to get the most out of your gun. Recreational clubs often have links to events in the local area and can give you some educational resources to get started. This is all targeted at amateurs and is not too tricky to take in but can help ensure that you understand more about maintenance, gun care and how to match ammunition with guns to achieve appropriate muzzle energy values for different types of shooting.

If you are looking to start recreational shooting, it can be a good idea to get in contact with a recreational gun club and connect to local secondhand gun dealers. This can help you get off to a great start and learn more about this enjoyable hobby.