Seven Tips to Keep Your Boat Ready for the Sea When Taking It Out of Storage

If the boating season is about to start and you're taking your craft out of storage, you need to prepare it for the water. If it's your first time doing this or if you just want to ensure you're thoroughly taking care of your boat, here are some tips to guide you.

1. Shake Out Canvases and Awnings

If the canvases and awnings on your boat have been rolled up in storage for the last few months, they are likely to have dust and debris on them. Shake these off, and hose off the canvas. If possible, remove the canvases before hosing them off to keep your deck dry. It's important to do this step first, before cleaning other areas of the boat, as debris and dust may drop on the deck during the process.

2. Clean Out Drains and Scuppers

Your drains and scuppers are essential outlets for allowing water to escape your boat, and depending on your boat storage area, these parts may also get full of leaves, cobwebs or other debris. Manually remove all debris, and wipe down accessible areas with a towel.

3. Clean the Hull and Deck

Now, it's time to clean down the hull and deck. Ideally, you should pull the boat out of storage for this step, if you haven't done so already. The sun will help dry off any water you use whilst cleaning.

4. Check Tools and Spare Parts

If you stow any tools or spare parts on your boat, make sure that all those items are present and accounted for. Replace any missing or broken items.

5. Update Safety Supplies

Also, make sure the boat is well stocked with the safety supplies you need. Do a check of lifejackets to make sure buckles and other fasteners are in good condition, and replace and repair as necessary. Then, look through your first aid kit, and make sure you have ample bandages and that none of your creams have dried up or medications have expired.

6. Polish Teak and Metal

Once the boat is clean, it's time to think about how you look in the water. Grab the polish and shine up your metal. If you've got a teak hull or another type of wood accents, consider polishing or waxing that as well.

7. Look for Damage and Scheduled Boat Serving

Finally, to make sure you are really ready to hit the sea, look for any visible damage. To be on the safe side, consider taking your boat to a boat serving professional.