Seven Tips to Keep Your Boat Ready for the Sea When Taking It Out of Storage

If the boating season is about to start and you're taking your craft out of storage, you need to prepare it for the water. If it's your first time doing this or if you just want to ensure you're thoroughly taking care of your boat, here are some tips to guide you. 1. Shake Out Canvases and Awnings If the canvases and awnings on your boat have been rolled up in storage for the last few months, they are likely to have dust and debris on them.

Camper Trailer: Material Options for Annex Walls

Modern camper trailers are spacious because they are designed and built to accommodate the requirements of the average user. On the other hand, the sufficiency of the room will depend on your hauling and living needs. If you want to expand your living space for the camper trailer, you should consider creating an annex. This will not only give you more camping or living space, it will also provide more protection against the weather and insects.